GRAPEVINE sign up for safetalk flyer b PR210717Grapevine Group acknowledges the contributions made to the delivery of this safeTALK training by Run For MI Life and Lifeline, which has enabled Grapevine Group to deliver fee safeTALK suicide prevention training to our community.

WHY? Because currently there is one death from suicide every 3 to 4 hours and 1 attempt made in Australia every 8 minutes. Suicide is the leading killer of men and women under the age of 44. Currently the Mackay region has a higher than average suicide rate. Read more facts..

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Help us make Mackay the most suicide-safe region
in Australia

We ask you or your organisation to participate in suicide-prevention training that will..

  • Increase awareness of suicide and see prevention opportunities which otherwise may be missed;
  • Become more alert to clues and communications that someone may be thinking of suicide;
  • Learn how to ask about suicide and respond in ways that show understanding and assess risk;
  • Work with persons at risk to increase their safety;
  • Facilitate links with further help from family, friends and professional helpers as needed.

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SafeTalk-LogoFocus: Suicide Alertness
Timeframe: 3-3.5 hours
Cost: FREE. Grapevine Group currently sponsors suicide alertness training to those living in Mackay Region.

This program alerts community members to signs that a person may be considering suicide. It acknowledges that while most people at risk of suicide signal their distress & invite help, these intervention opportunities are often overlooked. Participants learn to recognise when someone may have thoughts of suicide & to respond in ways that link them with further suicide intervention help.

safeTALK’s goals

It is intended that safeTALK participants will be better prepared to:

  • recognise that invitations to help are often overlooked;
  • move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss and avoid suicide;
  • notice and respond to situations in which thoughts of suicide may be present;
  • apply basic TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe);
  • connect the person with thoughts of suicide to suicide first aid help and further community resources. Suicide alert community members are better prepared to become a vital link in connecting persons at risk with further help.

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Thanks to our wonderful partnership with Run For MI Life, and the support from Mackay Community Foundation, Grapevine is able to provide your organisation with lifesaving safeTALK and ASIST training.

ASIST is (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is a two-day interactive workshop in suicide firstaid. It teaches participants to recognise when someone may be at risk of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety and link them with the help they need. ASIST can be learned and used by everyone – as long as they are aged 16 or older. That means anyone

in your workplace could be trained to have the skills they need to save someone from suicide. This is recognised as the world’s leading suicide intervention workshop and is scientifically proven to reduce

suicidality for those at risk.

The safeTALK program is something every member of your staff can have access to – empowering your workforce to know what to do, and how to have the conversation, when someone is at risk of suicide. During the three-hour safeTALK course, you will learn how to become more alert to the prevention opportunities and offer help. You will explore why invitations for help are often overlooked, share helpful resources and services in your community, learn to link people at risk with suicide first aid help, and know how to keep yourself and others safe. In doing all of this, you are giving hope and helping to empower a community: You are part of the solution!

So, how can we help?

Grapevine Group can deliver safeTALK training to everyone in your business or organisation. In addition, for organisations with 15 people or more, we can provide the comprehensive ASIST training to key members of your crew. This is something you should make well known in your business because these are the people trained to respond if a member of the team needs help or is concerned for one of their workmates.

Again, by signing up for ASIST and safeTALK, you are making an incredible difference to how our community talks about and deals with suicide. You’re making a real difference; and empowering your staff to be part of a solution.

Let’s work together to make the Mackay region a more suicide-safe community!

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What other suicide-prevention training is available to you or your organisation in the Mackay & Region?

  • Livingworks SuicideTALK (1 – 1.5 hours)
  • Livingworks ASIST (2 consecutive days)
  • Suicide Mythbusters (1 hour)
  • Mental Health First Aid (Youth)
  • Mental Health First Aid (Adult)


Suicide Intervention & Mental Health Training Providers

Contact The Following Organisations To Register For Upcoming Training:

Grapevine Group

COURSES: Livingworks safeTALK
Local residents can attend Grapevine’s safeTALK presentations for free.

Lifeline Mackay – Whitsunday

COURSES: Livingworks safeTALK | Livingworks ASIST & Mythbusters
Local residents can attend Lifeline’s safeTALK and Mythbusters presentations for free.
Learn more about Livingworks ASIST Click here.
CONTACT Dianne Gillespie | Call 4944 2300 | Email

Queensland Health

COURSES: Mental Health First Aid (Youth) & Mental Health First Aid (Adult)
CONTACT: Service Integration Co-ordinator | P 07 4968 3893 | F 07 4968 3894
Mackay Community Mental Health, 2/14 Nelson Street, Mackay

Mackay needs more people to become LivingWorks ASIST or safeTALK Trainers

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