Grapevine Suicide-Prevention & General Mental Health Events Calendar



18 and 19 June
Run for MI Life round. All Mackay Rugby League games will be played for RFML. On this weekend. Cutters will also be involved, all teams will be wearing RFML socks.
2 July
Amanda Allen completes the last 10k of her Balance Podiatry Run for MI Qld Journey. People are invited to register to run with her from Wests Leagues Club to Mackay Botanic Gardens Amphitheater. to register or just come along to our breakfast event and cheer her on and hear her speak.
3rd July
Ladies High Tea will be held at Ocean International and will feature guest speakers Amanda Allen, Sandra Winner, Belinda Jane Hodgson and Jann Fergus.
7th August
Moranbah hosts Mackay Sugar Run for MI Life at Moranbah Miners Leagues Club.
4th Sept
Glenden hosts Mackay Sugar Run for MI Life at Glenden at Glenden Swimming Pool.
16th Oct
Walkerston hosts Mackay Sugar Run for MI Life at Wests Leagues Club.