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  1. "Headspace welcomes announcement of new centres" (including Mackay) 24th October 2011
  2. "The Life Promotion Project: An Indigenous Community Response to Suicides in Mackay" 30 June 2010
  3. "Boomtown gone bad!"
    Triple J's Queensland Mission, Triple J Podcast
  4. "A place to Call My Own" Mackay Youth Homelessness Report 2009
    Ms Suewellyn Kelly, Community Consultant, auspiced by YIRS One Stop Youth Shop Inc.
  5. Media Release: 'Suicide costs community 17.5 billion' (12/11/09)
    Presented by: suicide-prevention Australia, OZHELP, Lifeline Australia, the Salvation Army, Inspire. Mental Health Council of Australia, Brain & Mind Research Institute
  6. 'Breaking the Silence'
    A seminal report on existing knowledge on suicide & suicide-prevention in Australia
  7. Are you a media professional?
    Click here for up to date suicide media guidelines
  8. 4 Corners Report "Hidden Voices" The story of an Australian town that holds a lesson for each & every person who's been touched by mental illness (09/08/10)
  9. Australian Magazine Article, "The last taboo" (Sunday February 26-27, 2011)