Suicide prevention group hits 15-year milestone [Sep 2019]

It was in 2004 when seven friends lost someone dear to suicide and together they vowed to do more towards suicide prevention in Mackay. That day saw the beginning of the Grapevine Group, which 15 years later continues the good fight against suicide. In this time, Grapevine Group has trained 5000 people in suicide prevention… Read more »

Mackay’s Auto Corner was quick to throw its support behind Grapevine Group [Jul 2019]

The crew there knows what an important cause it is – and that the issue of suicide and mental wellness is The crew there knows what an important cause it is – and that the issue of suicide and mental wellness is one that needs to be spoken that needs to be spoken about…. Read more »

New milestone and semicolon campaign give group pause for thought [Apr 2019]

FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE. That’s how many people have taken the time out of their busy lives to complete suicide training throughout the Mackay region. Facilitated by Grapevine Group, the life-saving training helps participants identify people who are at risk and empowers them with the tools to help those people in the short term. Grapevine president… Read more »

Grapevine’s campaign success adds to a great start to 2019 [Jan 2019]

When Grapevine Group’s Debbie Knight accepted the Australia Day Award for Community Group of the Year, on behalf of the suicide prevention organisation, she had the opportunity on stage to quietly let Mayor Greg Williamson know about the results of his contribution to a major Grapevine campaign. “It was lovely that I had the opportunity… Read more »

2018 ‘Be Suicide Alert This Christmas’ campaign [Nov 2018]

OFFICIAL LAUNCH MARKS START OF VITAL COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN It’s a campaign which has won a national award, sparks interest every year and continues to grow. But the most important thing about Grapevine Group’s annual Be Suicide Alert This Christmas campaign is the fact it can save lives. That is why campaign founder and Grapevine Group… Read more »

Mackay making good headway in mental health and suicide prevention [Oct 2018]

MACKAY region: Take a bow! That’s the encouraging message coming from Grapevine Group as part of this year’s annual Mental Health Week. “More and more we are seeing people in this community taking it upon themselves to be a part of the solution, to open up and talk about mental health and suicide prevention,” Grapevine… Read more »