Grapevine Group is once again holding its annual Christmas campaign. We want to get the message out there that we need to look after each other and be especially alert when it comes to the signs and triggers of suicide over the Christmas and New Year period.

We know suicide can be a tricky thing to talk about at any time – and especially at Christmas. For many it’s their favourite time of year but we know others will struggle.

People need to know there is someone who cares enough to ask how they’re doing; to make sure they’re okay! 

You can learn 16 warnings signs to help identify when someone may have thoughts of suicide.

1. Talking about suicide, death, and/or having no reason to live

2. Preoccupied with death and dying

3. Withdrawing from friends and/or social activities

4. Severe recent loss (especially a relationship) or threat of a significant loss

5. Major changes in behaviour

6. No interest in hobbies, work, school, etc

7. Unexpectedly making a will or funeral arrangements

8. Giving away their prized possessions

9. History of suicidal thoughts or attempts

10. Taking unnecessary risks and/or is impulsive

11. No interest in their personal appearance

12. Increases their use of alcohol or drugs

13. Expresses a sense of hopelessness

14. Experienced a situation of humiliation or failure

15. History of violence or hostility

16. Unwilling or unable to connect with potential support

If you are concerned for someone seek advice from a suicide prevention service. You can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or find the list of local suicide prevention resources here. In a emergency call 000.

How else can you make a difference? Help us get the word out there. Download our support graphics which list 16 warning signs and post on your social media. We have a fantastic video you can also share. Encouraging your friends and followers to learn the 16 warning signs and where to get help can save lives.

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We wish you a safe Christmas and New Year and encourage you to check on loved ones and learn the warning signs of suicide.
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Concerned for a loved one? Help-a-mate and link them to local suicide prevention resources.
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Some people can really struggle during the Christmas and New Year period. Know what to look for and learn the warning signs.
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Make safeTALK training your New Year’s resolution and learn how to save a life.
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